Spur Gear Earrings
Spur Gear Earrings
Spur Gear Earrings
Spur Gear Earrings
Spur Gear Earrings

Spur Gear Earrings

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Get geared up for our 3D printed spur gear earrings! These earrings were modeled using CAD, Computer Aided Design, software. The earrings are created using 3D printing and is hand assembled onto the surgical steel hooks. They can be printed in the color of your choice.

  • 2cm tall plastic pendant
  • Surgical steel nickel free earring hooks
  • 3D Printed in the USA
  • Comes in organza bag
  • Available in 3 colors: Black, White, Glow-in-the-Dark

The Science:

The primary uses of gears are the transmitting of force, changing the direction of a force in a machine and creating more power or speed in a machine. The pointed part of the gears are referred to as teeth and are the pieces of the gear used to transmit forces from one gear to the next or to another piece of machinery. Gears are able to increase speed by pairing a larger gear with more teeth with a smaller gear with less teeth. However, the larger gear will be applying more force than the smaller gear. The ratio of the number of teeth on the gears is called the gear ratio.

Gears come in many different types including spur, helical, worm, rack and pinion, and bevel. The necklace above is based on the simplest type of gear, a spur gear. Helical gears are similar but have a slanted edge to their teeth. The angle allows for easier and quieter engagement of the gears. Worm gears are much different than spur of helical gears. A worm gear a screw-like gear is put up against a spur gear. The long screw turns results in the spur gear spinning. Worm gears are very high torque but have a low speed.

Gears have been around all the way back to the 4th century in China and have been an important part of history. Gears have been a part of everything from clocks to grain mills.

Shipping Time: 

All items are custom printed for you with a 3 day production time and shipped through USPS with 3 day shipping. Expect arrival in 6-7 days from placement of order.


Looking for another color, material, size, engraving, etc? Send us an email at scichiccontact@gmail.com and we would be happy to work with you!