The Tools of Science

From observing planets hundreds of lightyears away to studying microscopic organisms in the deepest depths of the sea, it shouldn't surprise anyone that science can be challenging. But that’s why we have tools to make things easier on us.

June’s subscription box theme is “Build It” and in honor of this, we wanted to write this blog post about the tools of science. Specifically, about our tools of science.

Here at Sci Chic we use many tools to produce our 3D printed, science inspired jewelry, but we’re going to focus on a few of the most important of them in this post.

The first tools on this list, to no one’s surprise, are our 3D printers. In fact, you could say they’re the most important tools of our business. It’s a rare day at Sci Chic headquarters that the sound of printers isn’t echoing through the building, providing the white noise background we’ve grown all  accustomed to.

From the individual jewelry pieces in our science jewelry collections to the limited edition items in our subscription boxes each month, our 3D printers produce pretty much everything we sell. In fact, we’ve become so close with them, we’ve even named them!

Our first printer, a Lulzbot Mini, we named Mini (for obvious reasons). Mini has been with us since Sci Chic’s first day and printed some of our first ever products. She’s even traveled with us across the country several times on company business!

A Flashforge Creator Pro 3D printerOur second printer is a later edition to the family. Still less than a year old, Flash is a Flashforge Creator Pro. With dual extruder capability, Flash opens up some interesting prospects for experimenting with new pieces. In fact, we’ve been testing a new piece created through dual extrusion and we’re excited to debut it soon.

Our printers are key for keeping us in business, but they’re not our only important tools of science. Also on the list is our army of pliers.

Sci Chic is a science company, but we’re also a jewelry company. As you can imagine, that means we assemble a lot of jewelry. While our 3D printers are essential for creating our pieces, our pliers are essential for assembling them.

As you can see from the picture, our collection of pliers includes all shapes and sizes. From opening o-rings to snipping chains, and even clearing out jammed filament, they all have their uses. They might not be as exciting as 3D printers, but these pliers are just as essential to our business!

Last but not least, we’d be entirely remiss not to mention one of our oldest tools of science. It’s about as heavy as a brick, uses far too many batteries, and has been in service for about a decade now, but it works today just as well as it did on its first!


Our last tool of science is our Texas Instruments TI-84 Graphing Calculator, of course! Certainly we have newer, better versions of this bad boy, but the TI-84 is the original and it’s been with us longer than most of our employees.


Now, we know a calculator isn’t the most exciting tool of science, but it is an important one. From calculating the dimensions of our jewelry to properly converting units between metric and imperial, and much more, this little TI-84 is a critical component of our team.

From the exciting to the boring (but useful) we love our tools of science here at Sci Chic. But we don’t just want to tell you about our tools of science, we’d love to learn about yours too! Tweet us your own tools of science using #ToolsofScience!

Whether you’re a practicing scientist, a cutting edge manufacturer, or just an average Joe dabbling in your spare time, join the conversation on Twitter, and let’s all learn about the #ToolsofScience!






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