Science Outfit of the Day: Wild Weather

When you look up into the sky at night, it’s not uncommon to wonder if anyone is looking back. The answer to that question, of course, is yes. Just maybe not in the way you’d expect.

Our skies may appear mostly empty, but in all actuality they’re filled with satellites. Over 2,000 of them, in fact!

But what do satellites have to do with the weather? Well, images from the many satellites orbiting the planet allow us to do many things, including create more accurate maps, explore inaccessible areas, and even track weather systems!

Put simply, satellite imagery has revolutionized the way we view our world. But why stop there? Why not let it revolutionize your style as well?

The official start of hurricane season is drawing close here in Florida, so it’s understandable we might have weather on our minds at Sci Chic headquarters. With today’s Science Outfit of the Day, however, we’re excited to show off the awesome weather systems we’re thinking about.

Without further ado, we’re happy to introduce the Wild Weather Science Outfit of the Day! Let’s dive right in, shall we?

The anchor piece to our Wild Weather outfit is this American Apparel poly cotton t-shirt with an awesome graphic of Earth from space. Clearly inspired by the wonderful images provided through satellite imagery, this shirt will get people looking at your fashion from a whole new perspective.

We absolutely love the swirling, swooping clouds and the patterns they create. We believe in the fashionable side of science here at Sci Chic, and this satellite imagery displays it perfectly!

The next two pieces in this outfit are relatively simple, but that doesn’t make them any less important in achieving the overall effect. In fact, the simpleness of these pieces means they lend themselves very well to working with not only this outfit, but others as well.


This white tulle layered midi skirt pairs nicely with the satellite imagery shirt and serves as a bright, but simple backdrop on which to continue building this outfit. Its color is reminiscent of crisp, gleaming clouds on a clear summer’s day and the light, fluffy fabric only continues that thought. With an elastic waistband and an elegant distribution of layered fabric, this skirt will not only make it look like you’re among the clouds, you feel like it too.

But what are clouds without a beautiful stretch of blue sky? Our next piece, the Nine West Zarong blue leather women’s shoes, fits perfectly into that role. Easy to slip on, with a rounded toe, and a lightly-padded footbed, these slip ons compliment the other pieces of the outfit while providing casual comfort.

And so, to our last piece. As we mentioned above, the midi skirt and zarong blue leather shoes are relatively simple, but that’s because they’re providing an intentional backdrop to our next piece.

Enter the Satellite Storm Necklace! Inspired by satellite imagery of a hurricane in action, this powerful necklace is the perfect finishing piece on this wild weather outfit! Not only does it match thematically with our anchor piece, it also provides a different look at the practical uses of satellite imagery.

You might notice this piece is a bit more colorful than normal. That’s because this is actually a rather special piece for us. It’s the first jewelry we’ve created using dual extrusion 3D printing technology. What this means is two different filaments were employed to create the separate colored portions of the necklace. Just as various weather conditions must mix together perfectly to create a hurricane, the same is true in order to create our Satellite Storm Necklace!

When you pair the Satellite Storm Necklace with the rest of this outfit, it won’t just be the satellites orbiting our planet that are looking your way. Turn heads and make a statement with the Wild Weather Science Outfit of the Day!

All together, this outfit celebrates both the wonders of weather, and the satellite technology we use to study it. These four pieces are the main components of the Wild Weather outfit, but we’ve also picked out a few more for you to peruse at

Until next time, Sci Chic fans, we encourage you to appreciate our satellites as well as the weather they study, and continue showing off the fashionable side of science!

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