Science Outfit of the Day: Sunset in Space

It's a well-known fact that fashion moves in cycles. What's in style one season most likely won't be the next. But you know what never falls out of style?


From the awe-inspiring beauty of nebulae to the brilliant burning light of suns almost incomprehensibly distant, the wonders of space have intrigued and inspired many. But these natural wonders aren’t the only thing about space we find beautiful.

At Sci Chic, we’re just as inspired by the subtlety and carefully crafted efficiency of the spacecraft we use to reach the stars.

It’s this appreciation of the intersection between the natural world and the technology we use to explore it that inspired our most recent Science Outfit of the Day: Sunset in Space!

Created through a beautiful blend of several different hues, this Gottex Galaxy Silk Caftan by is the centerpiece of our Sunset in Space outfit. Looking past its elegant ombre (which we, admittedly, found quite difficult to do), this caftan features a plunging V neckline, long cape sleeves, and an asymmetrical cascading hem.

When we look at this piece we can’t help but envision the stunning colors and stark shadows of the Orion nebula. It’s this reminiscence of one of our favorite natural phenomena that makes this caftan perfect to pair with our next piece!

We’ve named this outfit Sunset in Space, and what better sunset to watch than that of another world? With the space observatory that inspired this necklace, that’s not just a nice thought, it’s entirely possible.

Created as a collaboration with astrophysicists Summer Ash and Emily Rice, this Kepler Necklace is inspired by the sensor array of the Kepler space observatory. If that name sounds familiar, it’s probably because Kepler is one of the observatories studying the recently discovered TRAPPIST-1 system and its Earth-size, potentially habitable planets.

Between a caftan reminiscent of the Orion nebula and this Kepler Necklace inspired by the observatory that studies distant celestial bodies, we couldn’t think of a more perfect pairing for our Sunset in Space outfit.

Last but not least, we’re topping off this outfit with the Neon Pink Lightning Clutch from While this piece isn’t particularly space-themed, we just couldn’t leave it out. Styled with a unique fractal design that carries with it an air of surrealism, this clutch acts as the icing on the cake for this sunset in space.

These three pieces are the core of our Sunset in Space outfit, but there are even more little additions we encourage you to check out on

With this complete outfit you’re ready to channel the beauty of Orion, combined with the subtle efficiency of Kepler, and top it all off with a bit of lightning themed fractal flair!

So get out there, Sci Chic fans, and create your own sunset in space!

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