Printing our Cold Front Necklace (Timelapse)

We’re keeping today’s blog short, sweet, and to the point.

As part of our mission to spread the love of science, one of our oldest traditions here at Sci Chic is to share as much educational behind the scenes content as possible.

3D printing is still a relatively new manufacturing method, and as such, there’s a large amount of interest surrounding it. And we can understand why. It’s fascinating, it’s unique, and put simply, it’s just plain cool.

We love our printers, and even after working with them day in and day out, we’re still impressed by their capabilities. But we’re not going to keep them all to ourselves here at Sci Chic headquarters. No, we'd like to share them with you all. In video form, at least.

Thus, without further, ado, we’re pleased to present the newest video in our timelapse collection:


If you enjoyed this video, you can find even more like it on our YouTube channel, as well as unboxings, behind the scenes, and clips of Sci Chic in the news.

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