Science Outfit of the Day: A Stylish Solution

Hello, hello, Sci Chic fans!

Welcome back to another edition of Science Outfit of the Day! In honor of our upcoming May mathematics themed subscription boxes, today we’re featuring our outfit: A Stylish Solution!

See what we did there? We’re hilarious, right? It’s a mathematics themed outfit and we used a math term in the title!


Our apologies, we’re only human. A good pun is a difficult thing to pass up.

But moving on, let’s talk about this outfit!

From the gentle curves of the golden spiral, to the intricate, unending patterns of fractals, there’s a plethora of beauty in math. In appreciation of this beauty, we’re kicking off today’s outfit with our anchor piece.

Masterfully designed, and handmade in California, this Shenova Fashion Fibonacci Sequence dress is a work of art in and of itself. And better yet, according to Shenova, it’s “calculated to be figure flattering.” See, they like puns, too!

As science fashion fans ourselves, we love Shenova Fashion’s work. Their website is always worth a gander, though be warned, you may find yourself stuck there for several hours in awe of their wonderful work.

Next up on the list is one of our own designs. If the anchor piece to this outfit pays tribute to the famous Fibonacci Sequence, it seems only appropriate to follow it up with another famous mathematical icon.


Pi, though recently celebrated by enjoying delicious baked pies on March 14th, has been quintessential to mathematics for thousands of years. What better way to add to this outfit than paying homage to such a celebrated symbol?

We’ve paired this outfit with our plastic Pi Necklace (offered in a variety of colors), but it’s also available in various fine metals.

Finally, what mathematics themed outfit would be complete without the trusty sidekick of any modern day mathematician? Show your thanks to the workhorse of the math world when you complete this outfit with the Texas Instruments TI-84 PLUS Graphic Calculator!

Sure it’s a bit unwieldy, and maybe it won’t fit too well in a clutch, but when it comes to crunching numbers and calculating complex equations, there’s no better companion.

True fashionistas know looking good is important, but when you can look good and solve a differential equation at the same time, you’ve got the world at your fingertips.

These three pieces make up the core of our A Stylish Solution outfit, but there are even more little additions we invite you to shop at Polyvore.

So get out there, Sci Chic fans, and show the world your love of mathematics in style!

And remember, if your mathematics themed fashion needs a boost, our mathematics themed subscription box signups are open until April 19th!

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