New Products! Space, Gears and Earth Science

Core of the Earth NecklaceGeared Up NecklaceCore of the Earth Keychain

Juno Necklace

Juno recently made a visit to the planet Jupiter to collect data and we just got our first pictures back! In honor of this mission we created a necklace inspired by this endeavor. The silhouette of Juno can be seen orbiting the planet Jupiter in this unique necklace.

Geared Up Necklace

A gear can't really do much by itself. It needs some fellow gears to make some thing happen! This is the inspiration for our new gear inspired necklace showing 5 interlocking gears in a line. 

Core of the Earth Necklace

Do you remember back in middle school when you were studying the layers of the Earth? All of the textbooks loved to put in a cut-away image of the Earth that was the inspiration for this necklace. It shows all of the layers of the Earth to scale and is the perfect addition to any outfit.

We even have a matching Core of the Earth Key chain!

Get ready for tons of new products coming your way soon as well!

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