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If you’ve followed Sci Chic on social media or in the news, you probably know our founder and CEO, Erin Winick. She’s pretty awesome (though, admittedly, we’re a tad biased). But Sci Chic is bigger than just one person. In fact, we have a growing team of spectacular people working behind the scenes and we’d like you to meet them!

Last week in this series, you met Alex, the creative mind behind the website and digital design here at Sci Chic. Today, we’d like to introduce you to another extremely valuable member of our team!

Jordan runs our 3D printers and manages our 3D modeling. This week we sat down with her to talk about her work, her passions, and her life beyond the office!

Your bio says you handle 3D printing and technology here at Sci Chic, but how would you describe what you do?

I do 3D printing, but I also do most of the designs, or a lot of the new designs. I work with customers and STEM professionals to collaborate on new designs as well as maintain the printers and other pieces of technology. I also do some graphic art and tend to the 3D printers.

What would you say is your favorite area of science, and why?

That’s a tough one. On a professional level, I’m into manufacturing and such, but if I wasn’t an engineer? I guess marine biology and zoology. I’ve always been interested in those fields, and I usually have Animal Planet running in the background in my house. It’s definitely an interest of mine.

With all that Animal Planet, I imagine you had a lot of fun working on the July Marine Biology box, then?

I loved working on it! The coral bracelet was a challenge, but the finished product was incredible. I also had a lot of fun working on the graphic art that’ll be included in the box!

What is a personal touch you bring to Sci Chic?

A personal touch? Everyone has their own design “eye” and the different ideas that come with it. Aside from bringing my own design flavor, something I’ve brought to Sci Chic so far is wanting to explore different things we can do using 3D printing. Like using dual extrusion and 3D shapes beyond just our one color, 2D designs. I’d like us to explore different ways of doing things.

Now that we know what you do at the office, tell us what you do outside it?

Outside of work I really enjoy Gainesville and exploring it. I go downtown a lot, see the shows, eat the food. A lot of people are surprised Gainesville actually has a really vibrant and diverse food scene. It’s always nice to try all the little eateries coming into town. Also, hiking around the area. We have a lot of great parks and springs, and especially in the summer months, hitting a spring on the weekend is a great thing to do.

And, last question! If you could leave one lasting legacy at Sci Chic, what would it be? How would you like to change the company for the better.

I think just the idea of being innovative with our designs. Not being afraid to try a design that may fail. I mean, yes, it could fail horribly, but it could also turn out to be something never seen before at the company and work out really well. So, I think I’d like to leave a legacy of pushing the envelope in terms of design.

* * *

And that’s it for this week’s interview! We appreciate you dropping in to learn more about the team here at Sci Chic bringing you the fashionable side of science! You can read Jordan’s full bio here.

In the future we’ll be introducing more team members, so stay tuned!

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