Science Outfit of the Day: Lab Style

Lab day style

Happy April, Sci Chic fans!

As part of our ongoing efforts to show off the fashionable side of science, we’re happy to launch our new blog series: Science Outfit of the Day!

To kick off this series, we’re starting with an outfit centered around the Atom Necklace, one of our classic, science inspired pieces.

When working in the lab, wearing a lab coat is essential. But, while a lab coat is proper attire, and will keep you safe, it’s no big secret that they’re a bit lacking in the style department.

While we’re not here to announce the launch of our new, fashionable line of lab coats, we are happy to share this outfit to make your lab days as fashionable as possible!

Short coat

For starters, and to no one’s surprise, we have our lab coat. While there isn’t too much room to work with in this department, we appreciate the beauty in subtlety. Consider this three pocket, 33in., short lab coat your blank canvas. Now let’s add some color.

Boohoo petite jeans

The choice of a Miss Selfridge V-neck sweater, combined with Boohoo’s petite Leanne high rise jeans, adds a nice splash of color to this whole outfit, but the devil is in the details. Or, in this case, the fashion is in the details.

Clear glasses

Engraved ring

Safety glasses are another essential component of lab safety gear, but why can’t they be fashionable, as well? Our Safety Glasses Ring is a subtle, yet stylish way to show your love of science. This ring was designed to pair perfectly with your actual safety glasses!

Chain necklace

Why stop with just a ring, though? Pay tribute to one of the great discoveries in science history with our Atom Necklace. Maybe it’ll be just the inspiration you need to make a breakthrough of your own!

Engraved key chain

If the Atom necklace is a bit too much of a statement piece, this outfit also goes perfectly with our Atom Keychain.

Ceramic mug

And, of course, no day at work is complete without some coffee. Drink your liquid motivation in style with this ceramic mug displaying the periodic table of elements accurate as of January 2017!

Verali black ballet flat
$38 -

Finishing off this outfit we have a pair of sleek Verali black ballet flats and a touch of Smashbox lipstick.

And there you have it, our first Science Outfit of the Day! Feel free to shop all of these pieces on, so when lab day rolls back around, you’re ready to experiment in style!

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