"I love your pretty dress! Look at all those scary dinosaurs!"

How often have you ever heard those sentences uttered back-to-back?

 Thanks to Princess Awesome, the answer is frequently. We are a new girls’ clothing company founded by two moms from Washington, DC, Princess Awesome fills the “dinosaur dress” gap. We make twirly dresses with rockets, fire engines, math, science, and of course, dinosaurs. Girls sporting Princess Awesome dresses can finally twirl and roar at the same time.

 Even better, the adults around those girls are changing their conversations.

“When my daughter wears her molecular orbital dress or rocket dress, adults communicate with her differently,” says Laura B., a Princess Awesome customer. “Instead of calling her a princess or cute, the conversation expands to rockets and then my daughter talks about the moon and Jupiter. With her molecular orbital dress, she tells them that C represents carbon and she's made out of carbon and it forms bonds. Sure, she doesn't have the best grasp of any of this, but she's 3 and learning. And adults treat her more than a cute little thing which in turn strengthens her confidence.”

 Lacking any other information about a child, most adults start conversations with children based on what the child is wearing. Adults realize that children love to wear clothes that reflect their interests, so guessing that a child sporting a dinosaur shirt likes dinosaurs is a safe bet.  

 It’s also inherently unfair to girls. The limited themes on girls’ apparel mean that girls usually hear how pretty they look, while boys have conversations about what interests them. Princess Awesome helps rectify the problem by expanding girls’ clothing options by combining feminine colors and styles - things that signal “girly” and “feminine” - with imagery of beakers, dragons, spaceships, and sharks. The clothes speak to girls that science, math, adventure, and host of other themes are just as much for them as they are for boys. And in return, Princess Awesome dresses allow girls to send the message to people in their world that they are interested in those topics.

 “When she wears her rocket or dinosaur dresses, instead of just saying how cute she is (which she is and that’s fine) people ask...if she is going to be an astronaut or a paleontologist,” says mom Andrea W., “They pick her up and pretend to ‘fly’ or act like a dinosaur.”


Eva St. Clair and Rebecca Melsky are the co-founders of Princess Awesome. They live in Washington, D.C.

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