17 Great Gift Ideas for Women in STEM Graduates

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It’s spring again and that means graduation. All across the country, graduates stand ready to walk the stage, accept their diplomas, and begin the next stage of their lives. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your STEM college graduate, then look no further. These 13 graduation gift ideas are perfect for the women in STEM in your life!

Chemistry Graduate

Atoms make up everything in our universe, so why shouldn’t they make the perfect gift for the chemistry graduate in your life? Wow them with this Atom Necklace, available in a variety of colors and fine metals.

Astronomy Graduate

Graduating is a giant step from one phase of life to another. How better to represent that than with the phases of the moon? Celebrate your astronomer-to-be with our Moon Phase Necklace!

Marine Biology Graduate

There are few more recognized, or more interesting, patterns in the natural world than that of the nautilus. We guarantee your marine biology graduate will love this fine metal necklace just as much as they’ll love their future career. 

Astrophysics Graduate

Without the hard work of NASA’s astrophysicists the famous Apollo 11 moon landing would never have been possible. Our Apollo Trajectory Necklace is the perfect gift for the astrophysics graduate who aims for the stars!

Geology Graduate

When it comes to the many fields of natural science, geology doesn’t often get much love. Show your geologist-to-be how much you appreciate their work with our Core of the Earth Necklace. 

Entomology Graduate

Dragonflies boast one of the most impressive, and advanced, sets of wings in the animal kingdom. Show your graduate you think they’re just as impressive when you give them our Dragonfly Wing Necklace.

Mechanical Engineering Graduate

Mechanical engineering is a degree filled with gear ratios and stress analyses (and the normal kind of stress, too!). Now you can show the mechanical engineer in your life just how much you admire their hard work with these gear inspired necklaces!

Electrical Engineering Graduate

The wonders of our modern world would never have been possible without the revolutionary power of circuits. Revolutionize the wardrobe of your electrical engineering graduate when you surprise them with our Wheatstone Bridge and Circuit Board necklaces.


Civil Engineering Graduate

It’s easy to forget how much of our everyday lives are shaped by the work of civil engineers. Show your civil engineer-to-be just how much you appreciate their work when you help them bridge the gap of graduation with our Bridge Across Necklace. 

Neuroscience Graduate

It takes a lot of neurons to graduate with a degree in neuroscience. Show your love for the neuroscientist in your life, and your appreciation for their work, with our Neuron Circle Necklace! 

Mathematics Graduate

From cooking to architecture to even putting a man on the moon, math is essential to the world we live in. Celebrate those bold graduates who’ve chosen to pursue a career in mathematics with our Pi Glow-in-the-Dark Earrings and Summation Sigma Necklace.


Meteorology Graduate

Weather is one of the most complex systems we can study. It’s worldwide, ever-changing, and sometimes, even dangerous. It’ll take a lot more than that, however, to dissuade our passionate meteorologists who tackle everything from telling us the daily weather to predicting the paths of storms. Thank your meteorologist-to-be for all their hard work with our Warm Front Line and Cold Front Line Necklaces.


General STEM Graduates

Sometimes the love of STEM runs so deep it’s impossible to pick any one particular field. For that special graduate in your life who loves all things STEM, our Sci Chic Monthly subscription box is the perfect gift. Sci Chic Monthly provides stylish science inspired fashion and learning directly to the mailbox of your graduate.

No matter what field of STEM your graduate plans to join, Sci Chic has something for them. From our Sci Chic Monthly subscription box to our science inspired jewelry, when it comes to STEM, Sci Chic is your one stop shop!

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